Example. The provisions of paragraph (a)(1) of this section may be illustrated by the following example:
(b) Deposit taken into account in computing interest. The amount deposited is treated as a payment of tax for purposes of chapter 67 of the Internal Revenue Code (relating to interest).
(c) Deposit generally not treated as payment of tax. Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, an amount deposited under section 6226(e) shall not be treated as a payment of tax. Thus, the Internal Revenue Service may proceed against the depositor for a deficiency based on nonpartnership items without regard to this deposit.
(d) Amount deposited may be applied against assessment. If the restriction on assessment provided under section 6225(a) lapses with respect to a deficiency attributable to partnership items for a partnership taxable year while an amount is on deposit under section 6226(e) in connection with a petition relating to those items, the Internal Revenue Service may apply the amount deposited against any such deficiency that is assessed.
(e) Effective date. Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (a)(1) of this section, this section is applicable to civil actions beginning on or after October 4, 2001. For civil actions beginning prior to October 4, 2001, see § 301.6226(e)–1T contained in 26 CFR part 1, revised April 1, 2001.


26 CFR § 301.6226(e)-1

Scoping language

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