Polyether polyol manufacturing process unit (PMPU) means a process unit that manufactures a polyether polyol as its primary product, or a process unit designated as a polyether polyol manufacturing unit in accordance with 63.1420(2). A polyether polyol manufacturing process unit consists of more than one unit operation. This collection of equipment includes purification systems, reactors and their associated product separators and recovery devices, distillation units and their associated distillate receivers and recovery devices, other associated unit operations, storage vessels, surge control vessels, bottoms receivers, product transfer racks, connected ducts and piping, combustion, recovery, or recapture devices or systems, and the equipment (i.e., all pumps, compressors, agitators, pressure relief devices, sampling connection systems, open-ended valves or lines, valves, connectors, and instrumentation systems that are associated with the PMPU) that are subject to the equipment leak provisions as specified in 63.1434.


40 CFR § 63.1423

Scoping language

The following terms used in this subpart shall have the meaning given them in subparts A ( 63.2), F ( 63.101), G ( 63.111), and H ( 63.161) as specified after each term:

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