Personalty means all furniture, furnishings, equipment, machinery, building materials, appliances, goods, supplies, tools, books, records (whether in written or electronic form), computer equipment (hardware and software) and other tangible or electronically stored personal property (other than fixtures) that are owned or leased by the borrower or the lessee now or in the future in connection with the ownership, management, or operation of the land or the improvements or are located on the land or in the improvements, and any operating agreements relating to the land or the improvements, and any surveys, plans, specifications, and contracts for architectural, engineering, and construction services relating to the land or the improvements, chooses in action and all other intangible property and rights relating to the operation of, or used in connection with, the land or the improvements, including all governmental permits relating to any activities on the land. Personalty also includes all tangible and intangible personal property used for health care (such as major movable equipment and systems), accounts, licenses, bed authorities, certificates of need required to operate the hospital and to receive benefits and reimbursements under provider agreements with Medicaid, Medicare, state and local programs, payments from health care insurers and any other assistance providers (Receivables); all permits, instruments, rents, lease and contract rights, and equipment leases relating to the use, operation, maintenance, repair, and improvement of the hospital. Generally, intangibles shall also include all cash and cash escrow funds, such as but not limited to: Depreciation reserve fund or mortgage reserve fund accounts, bank accounts, residual receipt accounts, all contributions, donations, gifts, grants, bequests, and endowment funds by donors, and all other revenues and accounts receivable from whatever source paid or payable. All personalty shall be securitized with appropriate UCC filings and any excluded personalty shall be indicated in the Regulatory Agreement.


24 CFR § 242.1

Scoping language

As used in this subpart, the following terms shall have the meaning indicated:

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