Expected credit loss (ECL) means:
(1) For a wholesale exposure to a non-defaulted obligor or segment of non-defaulted retail exposures that is carried at fair value with gains and losses flowing through earnings or that is classified as held-for-sale and is carried at the lower of cost or fair value with losses flowing through earnings, zero.
(2) For all other wholesale exposures to non-defaulted obligors or segments of non-defaulted retail exposures, the product of the probability of default (PD) times the loss given default (LGD) times the exposure at default (EAD) for the exposure or segment.
(3) For a wholesale exposure to a defaulted obligor or segment of defaulted retail exposures, the national bank's or Federal savings association's impairment estimate for allowance purposes for the exposure or segment.
(4) Total ECL is the sum of expected credit losses for all wholesale and retail exposures other than exposures for which the national bank or Federal savings association has applied the double default treatment in ยง 3.135.


12 CFR § 3.2

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