Discharge Review Board (DRB). An administrative board constituted by the Secretary of the Air Force and vested with discretionary authority to review discharges and dismissals under the provisions of title 10 U.S.C. 1553.


32 CFR § 865.103

Scoping language

Applicant. A former member of the Armed Forces who has been dismissed or discharged administratively in accordance with Military Department regulations or by sentence of a court-martial (other than a general court-martial) and under statutory regulatory provisions whose application is accepted by the DRB concerned or whose case is heard on the DRB's own motion. If the former member is deceased or incompetent, the term applicant includes the surviving spouse, next-of-kin, or legal representative who is acting on behalf of the former member. When the term applicant is used in this subpart, it includes the applicant's counsel or representative, except that the counsel or representative may not submit an application for review, waive the applicant's right to be present at a hearing, or terminate a review without providing the DRB an appropriate power of attorney or other written consent of the former member.

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