Review options.

Review options.
(1) When the permitting authority requires the owner or operator to obtain, or revise, a permit issued pursuant to title V of the Act before construction or reconstruction of the major source, or when the permitting authority allows the owner or operator at its discretion to obtain or revise such a permit before construction or reconstruction, and the owner or operator elects that option, the owner or operator shall follow the administrative procedures in the program approved under title V of the Act (or in other regulations issued pursuant to title V of the Act, where applicable).
(2) When an owner or operator is not required to obtain or revise a title V permit (or other permit issued pursuant to title V of the Act) before construction or reconstruction, the owner or operator (unless the owner or operator voluntarily follows the process to obtain a title V permit) shall either, at the discretion of the permitting authority:
(i) Apply for and obtain a Notice of MACT Approval according to the procedures outlined in paragraphs (f) through (h) of this section; or
(ii) Apply for a MACT determination under any other administrative procedures for preconstruction review and approval established by the permitting authority for a State or local jurisdiction which provide for public participation in the determination, and ensure that no person may begin actual construction or reconstruction of a major source in that State or local jurisdiction unless the permitting authority determines that the MACT emission limitation for new sources will be met.
(3) When applying for a permit pursuant to title V of the Act, an owner or operator may request approval of case-by-case MACT determinations for alternative operating scenarios. Approval of such determinations satisfies the requirements of section 112(g) of each such scenario.
(4) Regardless of the review process, the MACT emission limitation and requirements established shall be effective as required by paragraph (j) of this section, consistent with the principles established in paragraph (d) of this section, and supported by the information listed in paragraph (e) of this section. The owner or operator shall comply with the requirements in paragraphs (k) and (l) of this section, and with all applicable requirements in subpart A of this part.


40 CFR § 63.43

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