Marketing materials and activities

Marketing materials and activities include, but are not limited to, general audience materials such as brochures, advertisements, outreach events, letters to beneficiaries, Web pages, data sharing opt out letters, mailings, social media, or other activities conducted by or on behalf of the ACO, or by ACO participants, or ACO providers/suppliers participating in the ACO, when used to educate, solicit, notify, or contact Medicare beneficiaries or providers and suppliers regarding the Shared Savings Program. The following beneficiary communications are not marketing materials and activities: Certain informational materials customized or limited to a subset of beneficiaries; materials that do not include information about the ACO, its ACO participants, or its ACO providers/suppliers; materials that cover beneficiary-specific billing and claims issues or other specific individual health related issues; educational information on specific medical conditions (for example, flu shot reminders), written referrals for health care items and services, and materials or activities that do not constitute marketing under 45 CFR 164.501 and 164.508(3)(i).


42 CFR § 425.20

Scoping language

As used in this part, unless otherwise indicated -

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