Leasehold surrender interest value

Leasehold surrender interest value means the amount of compensation a concessioner is entitled to be paid for a leasehold surrender interest in capital improvements in accordance with this part. Unless otherwise provided by the terms of a leasehold surrender interest concession contract under the authority of section 405(4) of the 1998 Act, leasehold surrender interest value in existing capital improvements is an amount equal to:
(1) The initial construction cost of the related capital improvement;
(2) Adjusted by (increased or decreased) the same percentage increase or decrease as the percentage increase or decrease in the Consumer Price Index from the date the Director approves the substantial completion of the construction of the related capital improvement to the date of payment of the leasehold surrender interest value;
(3) Less depreciation of the related capital improvement on the basis of its condition as of the date of termination or expiration of the applicable leasehold surrender interest concession contract, or, if applicable, the date on which a concessioner ceases to utilize a related capital improvement (e.g., where the related capital improvement is taken out of service by the Director pursuant to the terms of a concession contract).


36 CFR § 51.51

Scoping language

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