S6.1.2 Apparatus. (See Figure 1) The test apparatus shall consist of -
(a) Flask. (See Figure 2) A 100-ml. round-bottom, short-neck heat-resistant glass flask having a neck with a 19/38 standard taper, female ground-glass joint and a side-entering tube, with an outside diameter of 10 millimeters (mm.), which centers the thermometer bulb in the flask 6.5 mm. from the bottom;
(b) Condenser. A water-cooled, reflux, glass-tube type, condenser having a jacket 200 mm. in length, the bottom end of which has a 19/38 standard-taper, drip-tip, male ground-glass joint;
(c) Boiling stones. Three clean, unused silicon carbide grains (approximately 2 mm. (0.08 inch) in diameter, grit No. 8);
(d) Thermometer. Standardized calibrated partial immersion (76 mm.), solid stem, thermometers conforming to the requirements for an ASTM 2C or 2F, and an ASTM 3C or 3F thermometer; and
(e) Heat source. Variable autotransformer-controlled heating mantle designed to fit the flask, or an electric heater with rheostat heat control.


49 CFR § 571.116

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