Intermediate products.

Intermediate products. Intermediate products shall be used exclusively in the manufacture of nonbeverage products. Intermediate products may be accumulated and stored indefinitely and may be used in any nonbeverage product whose formula calls for such use. Intermediate products shall be manufactured by the same entity that manufactures the finished nonbeverage products. Intermediate products shall not be sold or transferred between separate and distinct entities. However, they may be transferred to another branch or plant of the same manufacturer, for use there in the manufacture of approved nonbeverage products. (See 17.169 for recordkeeping requirement.) For the purposes of this section, the phrase separate and distinct entities includes parent and subsidiary corporations, regardless of any corporate (or other) relationship, and even if the stock of both the manufacturing firm and the receiving firm is owned by the same persons.


27 CFR § 17.185

Scoping language

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