Additional Project Costs.

Additional Project Costs. The sum of the following HUD-approved costs related to the development of a public housing project, which are not included in the calculation of the Total Development Cost (TDC) limit, but are included in the maximum project cost as stated in 905.314. Additional project costs include the following:
(1) Costs for the demolition or remediation of environmental hazards associated with public housing units that will not be rebuilt on the original site; and
(2) Extraordinary site costs that have been verified by an independent state-registered, licensed engineer (e.g., removal of underground utility systems; replacement of off-site underground utility systems; extensive rock and/or soil removal and replacement; and amelioration of unusual site conditions, such as unusual slopes, terraces, water catchments, lakes, etc.); and
(3) Cost effective energy-efficiency measures in excess of standard building codes.


24 CFR § 905.108

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