Closed-cycle recirculating system

(1) Closed-cycle recirculating system includes a facility with wet, dry, or hybrid cooling towers, a system of impoundments that are not waters of the United States, or any combination thereof. A properly operated and maintained closed-cycle recirculating system withdraws new source water (make-up water) only to replenish losses that have occurred due to blowdown, drift, and evaporation. If waters of the United States are withdrawn for purposes of replenishing losses to a closed-cycle recirculating system other than those due to blowdown, drift, and evaporation from the cooling system, the Director may determine a cooling system is a closed-cycle recirculating system if the facility demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Director that make-up water withdrawals attributed specifically to the cooling portion of the cooling system have been minimized.


40 CFR § 125.92

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions provided in 40 CFR 122.2, the following special definitions apply to this subpart:

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