Reasonable request for assistance

Reasonable request for assistance means a request made by an LEA to a victim to assist in the investigation or prosecution of the acts of trafficking in persons or the investigation of crime where acts of trafficking are at least one central reason for the commission of that crime. The reasonableness of the request depends on the totality of the circumstances. Factors to consider include, but are not limited to: General law enforcement and prosecutorial practices; the nature of the victimization; the specific circumstances of the victim; severe trauma (both mental and physical); access to support services; whether the request would cause further trauma: The safety of the victim or the victim's family; compliance with other requests and the extent of such compliance; whether the request would yield essential information; whether the information could be obtained without the victim's compliance; whether an interpreter or attorney was present to help the victim understand the request; cultural, religious, or moral objections to the request; the time the victim had to comply with the request; and the age and maturity of the victim.


8 CFR § 214.11

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