Non-arm's-length or no contract.

Non-arm's-length or no contract.
(1) If a lessee has a non-arm's-length contract or has no contract, including those situations where the lessee performs washing for itself, the washing allowance will be based upon the lessee's reasonable actual costs. All washing allowances deducted under a non-arm's-length or no contract situation are subject to monitoring, review, audit, and possible future adjustment. Prior ONRR approval of washing allowances is not required for non-arm's-length or no contract situations. However, before any estimated or actual deduction may be taken, the lessee must submit a completed form ONRR-4292 in accordance with paragraph (c)(2) of this section. A washing allowance may be claimed retroactively for a period of not more than 3 months prior to the first day of the month that form ONRR-4292 is filed with ONRR, unless ONRR approves a longer period upon a showing of good cause by the lessee. ONRR will monitor the allowance deduction to ensure that deductions are reasonable and allowable. When necessary or appropriate, ONRR may direct a lessee to modify its actual washing allowance.
(2) The washing allowance for non-arm's-length or no contract situations shall be based upon the lessee's actual costs for washing during the reported period, including operating and maintenance expenses, overhead, and either depreciation and a return on undepreciated capital investment in accordance with paragraph (b)(2)(iv)(A) of this section, or a cost equal to the depreciable investment in the wash plant multiplied by the rate of return in accordance with paragraph (b)(2)(iv)(B) of this section. Allowable capital costs are generally those for depreciable fixed assets (including costs of delivery and installation of capital equipment) which are an integral part of the wash plant.
(i) Allowable operating expenses include: Operations supervision and engineering; operations labor; fuel; utilities; materials; ad valorem property taxes; rent; supplies; and any other directly allocable and attributable operating expense which the lessee can document.
(ii) Allowable maintenance expenses include: Maintenance of the wash plant; maintenance of equipment; maintenance labor; and other directly allocable and attributable maintenance expenses which the lessee can document.
(iii) Overhead attributable and allocable to the operation and maintenance of the wash plant is an allowable expense. State and Federal income taxes and severance taxes, including royalties, are not allowable expenses.
(iv) A lessee may use either paragraph (b)(2)(iv)(A) or (B) of this section. After a lessee has elected to use either method for a wash plant, the lessee may not later elect to change to the other alternative without approval of ONRR.
(A) To compute depreciation, the lessee may elect to use either a straight-line depreciation method based on the life of equipment or on the life of the reserves which the wash plant services, whichever is appropriate, or a unit of production method. After an election is made, the lessee may not change methods without ONRR approval. A change in ownership of a wash plant shall not alter the depreciation schedule established by the original operator/lessee for purposes of the allowance calculation. With or without a change in ownership, a wash plant shall be depreciated only once. Equipment shall not be depreciated below a reasonable salvage value.
(B) ONRR shall allow as a cost an amount equal to the allowable capital investment in the wash plant multiplied by the rate of return determined pursuant to paragraph (b)(2)(v) of this section. No allowance shall be provided for depreciation. This alternative shall apply only to plants first placed in service or acquired after March 1, 1989.
(v) The rate of return shall be the industrial rate associated with Standard and Poor's BBB rating. The rate of return shall be the monthly average rate as published in Standard and Poor's Bond Guide for the first month of the reporting period for which the allowance is applicable and shall be effective during the reporting period. The rate shall be redetermined at the beginning of each subsequent washing allowance reporting period (which is determined pursuant to paragraph (c)(2) of this section).
(3) The washing allowance for coal shall be determined based on the lessee's reasonable and actual cost of washing the coal. The lessee may not take an allowance for the costs of washing lease production that is not royalty bearing.


30 CFR § 1206.458

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