Commercial mobile radio service

Commercial mobile radio service (CMRS). A mobile service that is:
(i) Provided for profit, i.e., with the intent of receiving compensation or monetary gain;
(ii) An interconnected service; and
(iii) Available to the public, or to such classes of eligible users as to be effectively available to a substantial portion of the public; or
(2) The functional equivalent of such a mobile service described in paragraph (1) of this definition.
(3) A variety of factors may be evaluated to make a determination whether the mobile service in question is the functional equivalent of a commercial mobile radio service, including: Consumer demand for the service to determine whether the service is closely substitutable for a commercial mobile radio service; whether changes in price for the service under examination, or for the comparable commercial mobile radio service, would prompt customers to change from one service to the other; and market research information identifying the targeted market for the service under review.
(4) Unlicensed radio frequency devices under part 15 of this chapter are excluded from this definition of Commercial mobile radio service.


47 CFR § 9.3

Scoping language

Terms with definitions including the (RR) designation are defined in the same way in 2.1 of this chapter and in the Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunication Union.

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