Renewable biomass

Renewable biomass means any organic matter that is available on a renewable or recurring basis including renewable plant material such as feed grains or other agricultural commodities (including, but not limited to, soybeans and switchgrass), other plants and trees (excluding old-growth timber), algae, crop residue (including, but not limited to, corn stover, various straws and hulls, and orchard prunings), other vegetative waste material (including, but not limited to, wood waste, wood residues, and food and yard waste) used for the production of energy in the form of heat, electricity, and liquid, solid, or gaseous fuels. Manure from any source is not included.


7 CFR § 1436.3

Scoping language

The following definitions will be applicable to the program authorized by this part and will be used in all aspects of administering this program:

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