Indoor unit

Indoor unit means a separate assembly of a split system that includes -
(1) An arrangement of refrigerant-to-air heat transfer coil(s) for transfer of heat between the refrigerant and the indoor air,
(2) A condensate drain pan, and may or may not include
(3) Sheet metal or plastic parts not part of external cabinetry to direct/route airflow over the coil(s),
(4) A cooling mode expansion device,
(5) External cabinetry, and
(6) An integrated indoor blower (i.e. a device to move air including its associated motor). A separate designated air mover that may be a furnace or a modular blower (as defined in appendix AA to the subpart) may be considered to be part of the indoor unit. A service coil is not an indoor unit.


10 CFR § M_to_subpart_B_of_part_430

Scoping language

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