Telecommunications relay services (TRS). Telephone transmission services that provide the ability for an individual who has a hearing or speech disability to engage in communication by wire or radio with a hearing individual in a manner that is functionally equivalent to the ability of an individual who does not have a hearing or speech disability to communicate using voice communication services by wire or radio. Such term includes services that enable two-way communication between an individual who uses a text telephone or other nonvoice terminal device and an individual who does not use such a device, speech-to-speech services, video relay services and non-English relay services. TRS supersedes the terms dual party relay system, message relay services, and TDD Relay.


47 CFR § 9.3

Scoping language

Terms with definitions including the (RR) designation are defined in the same way in 2.1 of this chapter and in the Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunication Union.

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