Interest. USADF will assess interest on all delinquent debts, unless prohibited by statute, regulation, or contract.
(1) Interest begins to accrue on all debts from the payment due date established in the initial notice to the debtor, or as otherwise provided by law. USADF shall charge an annual rate of interest that is equal to the rate established annually by the Secretary of the Treasury in accordance with 31 U.S.C. 3717 unless a different rate is necessary to protect the rights of the United States. USADF will notify the debtor of the basis for its finding that a different rate is necessary to protect the interest of the Government.
(2) The rate of interest, as initially assessed, shall remain fixed for the duration of the indebtedness. If a debtor defaults on a repayment agreement, interest may be set at the Treasury rate in effect on the date a new agreement is executed.
(3) Interest will not be assessed on interest charges, administrative costs or late payment penalties. However, where a debtor defaults on a previous repayment agreement and interest, administrative costs and penalty charges that had been waived under the defaulted agreement may be reinstated and added to the debt principal under any new agreement and interest may be charged on the entire amount of the debt.


22 CFR § 1506.13

Scoping language

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