Elevators and escalators

Elevators and escalators -
(1) In general. Under section 48(a)(1)(C), an elevator or escalator qualifies as section 38 property if -
(i) The construction, reconstruction, or erection of the elevator or escalator is completed by the taxpayer after June 30, 1963, or
(ii) The elevator or escalator is acquired after June 30, 1963, and the original use of such elevator or escalator commences with the taxpayer and commences after such date.
(2) Definition of elevators and escalators. For purposes of this section the term “elevator” means a cage or platform and its hoisting machinery for conveying persons or freight to or from different levels and functionally related equipment which is essential to its operation. The term includes, for example, guide rails and cables, motors and controllers, control panels and landing buttons, and elevator gates and doors, which are essential to the operation of the elevator. The term “elevator” does not, however, include a structure which is considered a building for purposes of the investment credit. The term “escalator” means a moving staircase and functionally related equipment which is essential to its operation. For purposes of determining qualified investment under section 46(c) and § 1.46-3, the basis of an elevator or escalator does not include the cost of any structural alterations to the building, such as the cost of constructing a shaft or of making alterations to the floor, walls, or ceiling, even though such alterations may be necessary in order to install or modernize the elevator or escalator.
(3) Examples. The provisions of this paragraph may be illustrated by the following examples:
(n) Amortized property. Any property with respect to which an election under 167(k), 169, 184, 187, or 188 applies shall not be treated as section 38 property. In the case of any property to which section 169 applies, the preceding sentence shall apply only to so much of the adjusted basis of the property as (after the application of section 169(f)) constitutes the amortizable basis for purposes of section 169. This paragraph shall not apply to property with respect to which an election under section 167(k), 184, 187, or 188 applies unless such property is described in section 50.
(o) [Reserved]


26 CFR § 1.48-1

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