Off-cycle. You may apply the off-cycle provisions of 1037.610 to trailers as follows:
(1) You may account for weight reduction based on measured values instead of using paragraph (d) of this section. Quantify the weight reduction by measuring the weight of a trailer in a certified configuration and comparing it to the weight of an equivalent trailer without weight-reduction technologies. This qualifies as A to B testing under § 1037.610. Use good engineering judgment to select an equivalent trailer representing a baseline configuration. Use the calculated weight reduction in Eq. 1037.515–1 to calculate the trailer's CO2 emission rate.
(2) If your off-cycle technology reduces emissions in a way that is proportional to measured emissions as described in § 1037.610(b)(1), multiply the trailer's CO2 emission rate by the appropriate improvement factor.
(3) If your off-cycle technology does not yield emission reductions that are proportional to measured emissions, as described in § 1037.610(b)(2), calculate an adjusted CO2 emission rate for your trailers by subtracting the appropriate off-cycle credit.
(4) Note that these off-cycle provisions do not apply for trailers subject to design standards.


40 CFR § 1037.515

Scoping language

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