Duty to withhold.

(1) Duty to withhold. A financed entity or other person required to withhold tax under section 1441 with respect to a financing arrangement that is a conduit financing arrangement within the meaning of 1.881-3(a)(2)(iv) shall be required to withhold under section 1441 as if the district director had determined, pursuant to 1.881-3(a)(3), that all conduit entities that are parties to the conduit financing arrangement should be disregarded. The amount of tax required to be withheld shall be determined under 1.881-3(d). The withholding agent may withhold tax at a reduced rate if the financing entity establishes that it is entitled to the benefit of a treaty that provides a reduced rate of tax on a payment of the type deemed to have been paid to the financing entity. Section 1.881-3(a)(3)(ii)(E) shall not apply for purposes of determining whether any person is required to deduct and withhold tax pursuant to this paragraph (g), or whether any party to a financing arrangement is liable for failure to withhold or entitled to a refund of tax under sections 1441 or 1461 to 1464 (except to the extent the amount withheld exceeds the tax liability determined under 1.881-3(d)). See 1.1441-7(f) relating to withholding tax liability of the withholding agent in conduit financing arrangements subject to 1.881-3.


26 CFR § 1.1441-3

Scoping language

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