Process means a logical grouping of processing equipment which collectively function to produce a product. For the purpose of this subpart, a PAI process includes all, or a combination of, reaction, recovery, separation, purification, treatment, cleaning, and other activities or unit operations which are used to produce a PAI or integral intermediate. Ancillary activities are not considered a PAI process or any part of a PAI process. Ancillary activities include boilers and incinerators (not used to comply with the provisions of 63.1362), chillers or refrigeration systems, and other equipment and activities that are not directly involved (i.e., they operate within a closed system and materials are not combined with process fluids) in the processing of raw materials or the manufacturing of a PAI. A PAI process and all integral intermediate processes for which 100 percent of the annual production is used in the production of the PAI may be linked together and defined as a single PAI process unit.


40 CFR § 63.1361

Scoping language

Terms used in this subpart are defined in the CAA, in subpart A of this part, or in this section. If the same term is defined in subpart A of this part and in this section, it shall have the meaning given in this section for the purposes of this subpart MMM.

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