Leverage commodity

Leverage commodity means a commodity (gold bullion, silver bullion, bulk gold coins, bulk silver coins, or platinum) which is the subject of a leverage contract offered for purchase or sale, or purchased or sold, by a particular leverage transaction merchant, the value of which is reflected in a widely accepted and broadly disseminated commercial or retail cash price series for cash market transactions, which price series reasonably reflects the price for the leverage commodity which the customer can expect to pay or receive in normal commercial or retail market channels, including, if applicable, specified premiums or discounts; each leverage commodity is defined by reference to the following distinguishing characteristics:
(1) The nominal size, composition and tolerable ranges of the delivery pack or the actual size, composition and tolerable range of the component of the delivery pack;
(2) Minimum guaranteed quality, deliverable countries of origin, deliverable markings or imprints, and deliverable refiners or mints;
(3) The method of pricing; and
(4) The delivery specifications or alternatives including type and location of delivery facilities, packaging, transportation, registration and associated costs.


17 CFR § 31.4

Scoping language

For the purposes of this part:

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