Municipal waste combustion unit

Municipal waste combustion unit means any setting or equipment that combusts solid, liquid, or gasified municipal solid waste including, but not limited to, field-erected combustion units (with or without heat recovery), modular combustion units (starved-air or excess-air), boilers (for example, steam generating units), furnaces (whether suspension-fired, grate-fired, mass-fired, air curtain incinerators, or fluidized bed-fired), and pyrolysis/combustion units. Two criteria further define these municipal waste combustion units:
(1) Municipal waste combustion units do not include pyrolysis or combustion units located at a plastics or rubber recycling unit as specified under § 62.15020(h) and (i). Municipal waste combustion units do not include cement kilns that combust municipal solid waste as specified under § 62.15020(j). Municipal waste combustion units also do not include internal combustion engines, gas turbines, or other combustion devices that combust landfill gases collected by landfill gas collection systems.
(2) The boundaries of a municipal waste combustion unit are defined as follows. The municipal waste combustion unit includes, but is not limited to, the municipal solid waste fuel feed system, grate system, flue gas system, bottom ash system, and the combustion unit water system. The municipal waste combustion unit does not include air pollution control equipment, the stack, water treatment equipment, or the turbine-generator set. The municipal waste combustion unit boundary starts at the municipal solid waste pit or hopper and extends through three areas:
(i) The combustion unit flue gas system, which ends immediately after the heat recovery equipment or, if there is no heat recovery equipment, immediately after the combustion chamber.
(ii) The combustion unit bottom ash system, which ends at the truck loading station or similar equipment that transfers the ash to final disposal. It includes all ash handling systems connected to the bottom ash handling system.
(iii) The combustion unit water system, which starts at the feed water pump and ends at the piping that exits the steam drum or superheater.


40 CFR § 62.15410

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