Professional review action

Professional review action means an action or recommendation of a health care entity:
(1) Taken in the course of professional review activity;
(2) Based on the professional competence or professional conduct of an individual health care practitioner which affects or could affect adversely the health or welfare of a patient or patients; and
(3) Which adversely affects or may adversely affect the clinical privileges or membership in a professional society of the health care practitioner.
(4) This term excludes actions which are primarily based on:
(i) The health care practitioner's association, or lack of association, with a professional society or association;
(ii) The health care practitioner's fees or the health care practitioner's advertising or engaging in other competitive acts intended to solicit or retain business;
(iii) The health care practitioner's participation in prepaid group health plans, salaried employment, or any other manner of delivering health services whether on a fee-for-service or other basis;
(iv) A health care practitioner's association with, supervision of, delegation of authority to, support for, training of, or participation in a private group practice with, a member or members of a particular class of health care practitioner or professional; or
(v) Any other matter that does not relate to the competence or professional conduct of a health care practitioner.


45 CFR § 60.3

Scoping language

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