Injured countermeasure recipient

Injured countermeasure recipient means an individual:
(1) Who, with respect to administration or use of a covered countermeasure pursuant to a Secretarial declaration:
(i) Meets the specifications of the pertinent declaration; or
(ii) Is administered or uses a covered countermeasure in a good faith belief that he or she is in a category described by paragraph (1)(i) of this definition; and
(2) Sustained a covered injury as defined in ยง 110.3(g).
(3) If a covered countermeasure is administered to, or used by, a pregnant woman in accordance with paragraphs (1)(i) or (1)(ii) of this definition, any child from that pregnancy who survives birth is an injured countermeasure recipient if the child is born with, or later sustains, a covered injury (as defined in section 110.3(g)) as the direct result of the covered countermeasure's administration to, or use by, the mother during her pregnancy.


42 CFR § 110.3

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