Qualified person

Qualified person means a person who has received, as a part of the training, qualification, and designation program required under 232.203, instruction and training necessary to perform one or more functions required under this part. The railroad is responsible for determining that the person has the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the required function for which the person is assigned responsibility. The railroad determines the qualifications and competencies for employees designated to perform various functions in the manner set forth in this part. Although the rule uses the term qualified person to describe a person responsible for performing various functions required under this part, a person may be deemed qualified to perform some functions but not qualified to perform other functions. For example, although a person may be deemed qualified to perform the Class II/intermediate brake test required by this part, that same person may or may not be deemed qualified to perform the Class I/initial Terminal brake test or authorize the movement of defective equipment under this part. The railroad will determine the required functions for which an individual will be deemed a qualified person based upon the instruction and training the individual has received pursuant to 232.203 concerning a particular function.


49 CFR § 232.5

Scoping language

The definitions in this section are intended to clarify the meaning of terms used in this part.

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