Locomotive means a self-propelled piece of on-track equipment designed for moving or propelling cars that are designed to carry freight, passengers or other equipment, but which itself is not designed or intended to carry freight, passengers (other than those operating the locomotive) or other equipment. The following other equipment are not locomotives (see 40 CFR parts 86 and 89 for this equipment):
(1) Equipment which is designed for operation both on highways and rails are not locomotives.
(2) Specialized railroad equipment for maintenance, construction, post accident recovery of equipment, and repairs; and other similar equipment, are not locomotives.
(3) Vehicles propelled by engines with total rated horsepower of less than 750 kW (1006 hp) are not locomotives (see 40 CFR parts 86 and 89 for this equipment), unless the owner (including manufacturers) chooses to have the equipment certified under the requirements of this part. Where equipment is certified as a locomotive pursuant to this paragraph (3), it shall be subject to the requirements of this part for the remainder of its service life. For locomotives propelled by two or more engines, the total rated horsepower is the sum of the rated horsepowers of each engine.


40 CFR § 92.2

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