CITES documents.

CITES documents. All CITES documents must show the wildlife hybrid listed in the following Appendix:
(d) U.S. application for wildlife hybrid. To apply for a CITES document, complete the appropriate form for the proposed activity (see §§ 23.18 through 23.20) and submit it to the U.S. Management Authority.
(e) Criteria. For export of a hybrid that contains a CITES species in its recent lineage, you must meet the requirements of § 23.36.
(f) Exempt wildlife hybrids. The following provisions apply to import, export, or re-export of exempt wildlife hybrids:
(1) A hybrid between a CITES species and a non-CITES species may be exempt from CITES document requirements if there are no purebred CITES species in the previous four generations of the specimen's ancestry (direct line of descent). Under this section, a hybrid between two CITES species is not exempt.
(2) For import, export, or re-export of an exempt wildlife hybrid without CITES documents, you must provide information at the time of import or export to clearly demonstrate that your specimen has no purebred CITES specimens in the previous four generations of its ancestry. If you are unable to clearly demonstrate this, you must obtain CITES documents. The information you provide must clearly identify the specimen and demonstrate its recent lineage. Such information may include, but is not limited to, the following:
(i) Records that identify the name and address of the breeder and identify the specimen by birth or hatch date and by sex, band number, microchip number, or other mark.
(ii) A certified pedigree issued by an internationally recognized association that contains scientific names of the animals in the specimen's recent lineage and clearly illustrates its genetic history. If the pedigree contains codes, you must provide a key or guide that explains the meaning of the codes.
(3) Although a CITES document is not required for an exempt wildlife hybrid, you must follow the clearance requirements for wildlife in part 14 of this subchapter, including the prior notification requirements for live wildlife.


50 CFR § 23.43

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