Replacement unit

Replacement unit means an emissions unit for which all the criteria listed in paragraphs (b)(32)(i) through (iv) of this section are met. No creditable emission reductions shall be generated from shutting down the existing emissions unit that is replaced.
(i) The emissions unit is a reconstructed unit within the meaning of ยง 60.15(b)(1) of this chapter, or the emissions unit completely takes the place of an existing emissions unit.
(ii) The emissions unit is identical to or functionally equivalent to the replaced emissions unit.
(iii) The replacement does not change the basic design parameter(s) (as discussed in paragraph (y)(2) of this section) of the process unit.
(iv) The replaced emissions unit is permanently removed from the major stationary source, otherwise permanently disabled, or permanently barred from operation by a permit that is enforceable as a practical matter. If the replaced emissions unit is brought back into operation, it shall constitute a new emissions unit.


40 CFR § 51.166

Scoping language

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