Reconsideration -
(1) Right to reconsideration. An approved CAP vendor dissatisfied with a determination that its CAP contract has been suspended or terminated by CMS is entitled to a reconsideration as provided in this subpart.
(2) Eligibility for reconsideration. CMS will reconsider any determination to suspend or terminate an approved CAP vendor's contract if the approved CAP vendor files a written request for reconsideration in accordance with paragraphs (c)(3) and (c)(4) of this section.
(3) Manner and timing of request for reconsideration. An approved CAP vendor that is dissatisfied with a CMS decision to suspend or terminate its CAP contract may request a reconsideration of the decision by filing a request with CMS. The request must be filed within 30 days of receipt of the CMS decision letter notifying the approved CAP vendor of the suspension or termination of its CAP contract.
(4) Content of request. The request for reconsideration must specify -
(i) The findings or issues with which the approved CAP vendor disagrees;
(ii) The reasons for the disagreement;
(iii) A recital of the facts and law supporting the approved CAP vendor's position;
(iv) Any supporting documentation; and
(v) Any supporting statements from participating CAP physicians, the local carrier, or beneficiaries.
(5) Withdrawal of request for reconsideration. An approved CAP vendor may withdraw its request for reconsideration at any time before the issuance of a reconsideration determination.
(6) Discretionary informal hearing. In response to a request for reconsideration, CMS may, at its discretion, provide the approved CAP vendor the opportunity for an informal hearing that -
(i) Is conducted by a hearing officer appointed by the Director of the CMS Center for Medicare Management or his or her designee; and
(ii) Provides the approved CAP vendor the opportunity to present, by telephone or in person, evidence to rebut CMS' decision to suspend or terminate the approved CAP vendor's CAP contract.
(7) Informal hearing procedures.
(i) CMS will provide written notice of the time and place of the informal hearing at least 10 days before the scheduled date.
(ii) The informal reconsideration hearing will be conducted in accordance with the following procedures:
(A) The hearing is open to CMS and the approved CAP vendor requesting the reconsideration, including -
(1) Authorized representatives;
(2) Technical advisors (individuals with knowledge of the facts of the case or presenting interpretation of the facts);
(3) Representatives from the local carriers and the designated carrier;
(4) The participating CAP physician who requested the suspension, if any; and
(5) Legal counsel.
(B) The hearing will be conducted by the hearing officer, who will receive relevant testimony;
(C) Testimony and other evidence may be accepted by the hearing officer even though it would be inadmissible under the rules of evidence applied in Federal courts;
(D) Either party may call witnesses from among those individuals specified in the paragraph (c)(7)(ii)(A) of this section; and
(E) The hearing officer does not have the authority to compel by subpoena the production of witnesses, papers, or other evidence.
(8) Hearing officer's findings.
(i) Within 30 days of the hearing officer's receipt of the hearing request, the hearing officer will present the findings and recommendations to the approved CAP vendor that requested the reconsideration. If the hearing officer conducts a hearing in person or by phone, the hearing officer will send a hearing notice to the approved CAP vendor within 10 days of receipt of the hearing request, and the findings and recommendations are due to the approved CAP vendor within 30 days from of the hearing's conclusion.
(ii) The written report of the hearing officer will include separate numbered findings of fact and the legal conclusions of the hearing officer.
(9) Final reconsideration determination.
(i) The hearing officer's decision is final unless the Director of the CMS Center for Medicare Management or his or her designee (CMS official) chooses to review that decision within 30 days. If the decision is favorable to the approved CAP vendor, then the approved CAP vendor may resume participation in CAP. The hearing officer and the CMS official may review decisions that are favorable or unfavorable to the approved CAP vendor.
(ii) The CMS official may accept, reject, or modify the hearing officer's findings.
(iii) If the CMS official reviews the hearing officer's decision, the CMS official will issue a final reconsideration determination to the approved CAP vendor on the basis of the hearing officer's findings and recommendations and other relevant information.
(iv) The reconsideration determination of the CMS official is final.


42 CFR § 414.917

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