Entitlement appeals.

(1) Entitlement appeals. The SSA makes an initial determination on an application for Medicare benefits and/or entitlement of an individual to receive Medicare benefits. A beneficiary who is dissatisfied with the initial determination may request, and SSA will perform, a reconsideration in accordance with 20 CFR part 404, subpart J if the requirements for obtaining a reconsideration are met. Following the reconsideration, the beneficiary may request a hearing before an ALJ under this subpart (42 CFR part 405, subpart I). If the beneficiary obtains a hearing before an ALJ and is dissatisfied with the decision of the ALJ, or if the beneficiary requests a hearing and no hearing is conducted, and the beneficiary is dissatisfied with the decision of an ALJ or an attorney adjudicator, he or she may request the Council to review the case. Following the action of the Council, the beneficiary may be entitled to file suit in Federal district court.


42 CFR § 405.904

Scoping language

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