Personal holding company.

(5) Personal holding company. A corporation, trust, or association, even though it may otherwise meet the requirements of part II of subchapter M, will not be a real estate investment trust if, by considering all of its gross income as personal holding company income under section 543, it would be a personal holding company as defined in section 542. Thus, if at any time during the last half of the trust's taxable year more than 50 percent in value of its outstanding stock is owned (directly or indirectly under the provisions of section 544) by or for not more than 5 individuals, the stock ownership requirement in section 542(a)(2) will be met and the trust would be a personal holding company. See 1.8578, relating to record requirements for purposes of determining whether the trust is a personal holding company.


26 CFR § 1.856-1

Scoping language

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