Remanufacturer means an individual or entity that is engaged in the manufacture or assembly of remanufactured locomotives or locomotive engines, (including: Entities that design or produce the emission-related parts used in remanufacturing; entities that install parts in an existing locomotive or locomotive engine to remanufacture it; and entities that own or operate the locomotive or locomotive engine and provide specifications as to how an engine is to be remanufactured (i.e., specifying who will perform the work, when the work is to be performed, what parts are to be used, or how to calibrate the adjustable parameters of the engine)); or an importer of remanufactured locomotives or locomotive engines. (See 92.1 and 92.209 for applicability of this term.)


40 CFR § 92.2

Scoping language

The definitions of this section apply to this subpart. They also apply to all subparts of this part, except where noted otherwise.

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