Designated facility

Designated facility means:
(1) A hazardous waste treatment, storage, or disposal facility which:
(i) Has received a permit (or interim status) in accordance with the requirements of parts 270 and 124 of this chapter;
(ii) Has received a permit (or interim status) from a State authorized in accordance with part 271 of this chapter; or
(iii) Is regulated under § 261.6(c)(2) or subpart F of part 266 of this chapter; and
(iv) That has been designated on the manifest by the generator pursuant to § 262.20.
(2) Designated facility also means a generator site designated on the manifest to receive its waste as a return shipment from a facility that has rejected the waste in accordance with § 264.72(f) or § 265.72(f) of this chapter.
(3) If a waste is destined to a facility in an authorized State which has not yet obtained authorization to regulate that particular waste as hazardous, then the designated facility must be a facility allowed by the receiving State to accept such waste.


40 CFR § 260.10

Scoping language

When used in parts 260 through 273 of this chapter, the following terms have the meanings given below:

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