Special Need

Special Need means a circumstance or legal status arising from actual or threatened severe unemployment or economic adjustment problems resulting from severe short-term or long-term changes in economic conditions, including:
(1) Substantial outmigration or population loss;
(2) Underemployment; that is, employment of workers at less than full-time or at less skilled tasks than their training or abilities permit;
(3) Military base closures or realignments, defense contractor reductions-in-force, or U.S. Department of Energy defense-related funding reductions;
(4) Natural or other major disasters or emergencies;
(5) Extraordinary depletion of natural resources;
(6) Closing or restructuring of an industrial firm or loss of a major employer;
(7) Negative effects of changing trade patterns; or
(8) Other circumstances set forth in an FFO.


13 CFR § 300.3

Scoping language

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

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