Conduct or Sponsor.

Conduct or Sponsor. A Federal agency is considered to conduct or sponsor a collection of information if the agency collects the information, causes another agency to collect the information, contracts or enters into a cooperative agreement with a person to collect the information, or requires a person to provide information to another person, or in similar ways causes another agency, contractor, partner in a cooperative agreement, or person to obtain, solicit, or require the disclosure to third parties or the public of information by or for an agency. A collection of information undertaken by a recipient of a Federal grant is considered to be conducted or sponsored by an agency only if:
(1) The recipient of a grant is conducting the collection of information at the specific request of the agency; or
(2) The terms and conditions of the grant require specific approval by the agency of the collection of information or collection procedures.


5 CFR § 1320.3

Scoping language

For purposes of implementing the Act and this Part, the following terms are defined as follows:

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