Recipient. An organization receiving financial assistance directly from DoD Components to carry out a project or program. The term includes public and private institutions of higher education, public and private hospitals, and other quasi-public and private non-profit organizations such as, but not limited to, community action agencies, research institutes, educational associations, and health centers. The term also includes consortia comprised of any combination of universities, other nonprofit organizations, governmental organizations, for-profit organizations, and other entities, to the extent that the consortia are legally incorporated as nonprofit organizations. The term does not include Government-owned contractor-operated facilities or research centers providing continued support for mission-oriented, large-scale programs that are Government-owned or controlled, or are designated as federally-funded research and development centers.


32 CFR § 32.2

Scoping language

The following are definitions of terms used in this part. Grants officers are cautioned that terms may be defined differently in this part than they are in other parts of the DoD Grant and Agreement Regulations, because this part implements OMB Circular A-110 and uses definitions as stated in that Circular. In such cases, the definition given in this section applies to the term as it is used in this part, and the definition given in other parts applies to the term as it is used in those parts. For example, suspension is defined in this section to mean temporary withdrawal of Federal sponsorship under an award, but is defined in the part of the DoD Grant and Agreement Regulations on nonprocurement suspension and debarment (2 CFR part 1125, which implements OMB guidance at 2 CFR part 180) to be an action taken to exclude a person from participating in a grant, cooperative agreement, or other covered transaction (see definition at 2 CFR 180.1015).

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