Type G.

(G) Type G. Self-reactive material type G is a self-reactive material which, in laboratory testing, does not detonate in the cavitated state, will not deflagrate at all, shows no effect when heated under confinement, nor shows any explosive power. A type G self-reactive material is not subject to the requirements of this subchapter for self-reactive material of Division 4.1 provided that it is thermally stable (self-accelerating decomposition temperature is 50 C (122 F) or higher for a 50 kg (110 pounds) package). A self-reactive material meeting all characteristics of type G except thermal stability is classed as a type F self-reactive, temperature control material.


49 CFR § 173.124

Scoping language

Desensitized explosives that -
(i) When dry are Explosives of Class 1 other than those of compatibility group A, which are wetted with sufficient water, alcohol, or plasticizer to suppress explosive properties; and
(ii) Are specifically authorized by name either in the Hazardous Materials Table in § 172.101 of this subchapter or have been assigned a shipping name and hazard class by the Associate Administrator under the provisions of -
(A) A special permit issued under subchapter A of this chapter; or
(B) An approval issued under § 173.56(i).
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