Special industrial licensee.

Special industrial licensee. Persons regularly engaged in any of the following activities:
(1) The operation of farms, ranches, or similar land areas, for the quantity production of crops or plants; vines or trees (excluding forestry operations); or for the keeping, grazing or feeding of livestock for animal products, animal increase, or value enhancement;
(2) Plowing, soil conditioning, seeding, fertilizing, or harvesting for agricultural activities;
(3) Spraying or dusting of insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides, in areas other than enclosed structures;
(4) Livestock breeding service;
(5) The operation of a commercial business regularly engaged in the construction of roads, bridges, sewer systems, pipelines, airfields, or water, oil, gas, or power production, collection, or distribution systems. The construction of buildings is not included in this category;
(6) The operation of mines for the recovery of solid fuels, minerals, metal, rock, sand and gravel from the earth or the sea, including the exploration for and development of mining properties;
(7) Maintaining, patrolling or repairing gas or liquid transmission pipelines, tank cars, water or waste disposal wells, industrial storage tanks, or distribution systems of public utilities;
(8) Acidizing, cementing, logging, perforating, or shooting activities, and services of a similar nature incident to the drilling of new oil or gas wells, or the maintenance of production from established wells;
(9) Supplying chemicals, mud, tools, pipe, and other materials or equipment unique to the petroleum and gas production industry, as the primary activity of the applicant if delivery, installation or application of these materials requires the use of specifically fitted conveyances;
(10) The delivery of ice or fuel to the consumer for heating, lighting, refrigeration or power generation purposes, by means other than pipelines or railroads when such products are not to be resold following their delivery; or
(11) The delivery and pouring of ready mixed concrete or hot asphalt mix.


47 CFR § 90.7

Scoping language

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