COBRA definitions:
(1) COBRA means title X of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, as amended.
(2) COBRA continuation coverage means coverage, under a group health plan, that satisfies an applicable COBRA continuation provision.
(3) COBRA continuation provision means section 4980B (other than paragraph (f)(1) of section 4980B insofar as it relates to pediatric vaccines), sections 601-608 of ERISA, or title XXII of the PHS Act.
(4) Exhaustion of COBRA continuation coverage means that an individual's COBRA continuation coverage ceases for any reason other than either failure of the individual to pay premiums on a timely basis, or for cause (such as making a fraudulent claim or an intentional misrepresentation of a material fact in connection with the plan). An individual is considered to have exhausted COBRA continuation coverage if such coverage ceases -
(i) Due to the failure of the employer or other responsible entity to remit premiums on a timely basis;
(ii) When the individual no longer resides, lives, or works in the service area of an HMO or similar program (whether or not within the choice of the individual) and there is no other COBRA continuation coverage available to the individual; or
(iii) When the individual incurs a claim that would meet or exceed a lifetime limit on all benefits and there is no other COBRA continuation coverage available to the individual.


26 CFR § 54.9801-2

Scoping language

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