Certain adjustments.

(1) Certain adjustments. The character of income as FOGEI or FORI is determined before making any adjustment under section 482 or section 907(d). For example, assume that X and Y are related parties, Y's only income is from the sale of oil that Y purchased from X, and FOGEI from X is diverted to Y through an arrangement described in paragraph (b)(3) of this section. Accordingly, Y has FOGEI. If under section 482 the Commissioner reallocates the FOGEI from Y to X, then Y's remaining income represents only a profit from distributing the oil, and thus is FORI. If the foreign taxes paid by Y on this income are otherwise creditable under section 901, the foreign taxes that are not refunded to Y retain their characterization as FOGEI taxes.


26 CFR § 1.907(c)-1

Scoping language

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