Decision-making personnel.

Decision-making personnel. Any member, officer, or employee of the Commission, or, in the case of a Joint Board, its members or their staffs, who is or may reasonably be expected to be involved in formulating a decision, rule, or order in a proceeding. Any person who has been made a party to a proceeding or who otherwise has been excluded from the decisional process shall not be treated as a decision-maker with respect to that proceeding. Thus, any person designated as part of a separate trial staff shall not be considered a decision-making person in the designated proceeding. Unseparated Bureau or Office staff shall be considered decision-making personnel with respect to decisions, rules, and orders in which their Bureau or Office participates in enacting, preparing, or reviewing. Commission staff serving as the case manager in a hearing proceeding in which the Commission is the presiding officer shall be considered decision-making personnel with respect to that hearing proceeding.


47 CFR § 1.1202

Scoping language

For the purposes of this subpart, the following definitions apply:

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