First annual wellness visit providing personalized prevention plan services

First annual wellness visit providing personalized prevention plan services means the following services furnished to an eligible beneficiary by a health professional that include, and take into account the results of, a health risk assessment, as those terms are defined in this section:
(i) Review (and administration if needed) of a health risk assessment (as defined in this section).
(ii) Establishment of an individual's medical and family history.
(iii) Establishment of a list of current providers and suppliers that are regularly involved in providing medical care to the individual.
(iv) Measurement of an individual's height, weight, body-mass index (or waist circumference, if appropriate), blood pressure, and other routine measurements as deemed appropriate, based on the beneficiary's medical and family history.
(v) Detection of any cognitive impairment that the individual may have, as that term is defined in this section.
(vi) Review of the individual's potential (risk factors) for depression, including current or past experiences with depression or other mood disorders, based on the use of an appropriate screening instrument for persons without a current diagnosis of depression, which the health professional may select from various available standardized screening tests designed for this purpose and recognized by national medical professional organizations.
(vii) Review of the individual's functional ability and level of safety, based on direct observation or the use of appropriate screening questions or a screening questionnaire, which the health professional as defined in this section may select from various available screening questions or standardized questionnaires designed for this purpose and recognized by national professional medical organizations.
(viii) Establishment of the following:
(A) A written screening schedule for the individual such as a checklist for the next 5 to 10 years, as appropriate, based on recommendations of the United States Preventive Services Task Force and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and the individual's health risk assessment (as that term is defined in this section), health status, screening history, and age-appropriate preventive services covered by Medicare.
(B) A list of risk factors and conditions for which primary, secondary or tertiary interventions are recommended or are underway for the individual, including any mental health conditions or any such risk factors or conditions that have been identified through an initial preventive physical examination (as described under ยง 410.16 of this subpart), and a list of treatment options and their associated risks and benefits.
(ix) Furnishing of personalized health advice to the individual and a referral, as appropriate, to health education or preventive counseling services or programs aimed at reducing identified risk factors and improving self management, or community-based lifestyle interventions to reduce health risks and promote self-management and wellness, including weight loss, physical activity, smoking cessation, fall prevention, and nutrition.
(x) At the discretion of the beneficiary, furnish advance care planning services to include discussion about future care decisions that may need to be made, how the beneficiary can let others know about care preferences, and explanation of advance directives which may involve the completion of standard forms.
(xi) Furnishing of a review of any current opioid prescriptions as that term is defined in this section.
(xii) Screening for potential substance use disorders including a review of the individual's potential risk factors for substance use disorder and referral for treatment as appropriate.
(xiii) Any other element determined appropriate through the national coverage determination process.


42 CFR § 410.15

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