Bottom longline

Bottom longline means a longline that is deployed with enough weights and/or anchors to maintain contact with the ocean bottom. For the purposes of this part, a vessel is considered to have bottom longline gear on board when a power-operated longline hauler, a mainline, weights and/or anchors capable of maintaining contact between the mainline and the ocean bottom, and leaders with hooks are on board. Removal of any of these elements constitutes removal of bottom longline gear. Bottom longline vessels may have a limited number of floats and/or high flyers onboard for the purposes of marking the location of the gear but removal of these floats does not constitute removal of bottom longline gear.


50 CFR § 635.2

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions in the Magnuson-Stevens Act, ATCA, and 600.10 of this chapter, the terms used in this part have following meanings. If applicable, the terms used in this part supercede those used in 600.10:

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