Manufacturer means the person whose name and address or symbol appears as part of the specification markings required by this part or, for a packaging marked with the symbol of an approval agency, the person on whose behalf the approval agency certifies the packaging.


49 CFR § 178.2

Scoping language

(1) The requirements of this part apply to packagings manufactured -
(i) To a DOT specification, regardless of country of manufacture; or
(ii) To a UN standard, for packagings manufactured within the United States. For UN standard packagings manufactured outside the United States, see § 173.24(d)(2) of this subchapter. For UN standard packagings for which standards are not prescribed in this part, see § 178.3(b).
(2) A manufacturer of a packaging subject to the requirements of this part is primarily responsible for compliance with the requirements of this part. However, any person who performs a function prescribed in this part shall perform that function in accordance with this part.

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