Scrapie-positive animal.

Scrapie-positive animal. An animal for which a diagnosis of scrapie has been made by the National Veterinary Services Laboratories or another laboratory authorized by the Administrator to conduct scrapie tests in accordance with this chapter, through:
(1) Histopathological examination of central nervous system (CNS) tissues from the animal for characteristic microscopic lesions of scrapie;
(2) The use of proteinase-resistant protein analysis methods including but not limited to immunohistochemistry, and/or ELISA, and/or western blotting on CNS and/or peripheral tissue samples from a live or a dead animal for which a given method has been approved by the Administrator for use on that tissue;
(3) Bioassay;
(4) Scrapie associated fibrils (SAF) detected by electron microscopy; or
(5) Any other method or combination of methods approved by the Administrator in accordance with ยง 54.10 of this chapter. 3


9 CFR § 79.1

Scoping language

Accredited veterinarian. A veterinarian approved by the Administrator in accordance with part 161 of this chapter to perform functions specified in subchapters B, C, and D of this chapter.

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