Certificate detail,

Certificate detail, with respect to certificated securities, includes, at a minimum, all of the following, and with respect to uncertificated securities, includes items (2) through (8):
(1) The certificate number.
(2) The number of shares for equity securities or the principal dollar amount for debt securities;
(3) The securityholder's registration;
(4) The address of the registered securityholder;
(5) The issue date of the security;
(6) The cancellation date of the security;
(7) In the case of redeemable securities of investment companies, an appropriate description of each debit and credit (i.e., designation indicating purchase, redemption, or transfer); and
(8) Any other identifying information about securities and securityholders the transfer agent reasonably deems essential to its recordkeeping system for the efficient and effective research of record differences.


17 CFR § 240.17Ad-9

Scoping language

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