Transfer rack

Transfer rack means the collection of loading arms and loading hoses, at a single loading rack, that are assigned to an MCPU according to the procedures specified in 63.2435 and are used to fill tank trucks and/or rail cars with organic liquids that contain one or more of the organic HAP listed in section 112(b) of the CAA of this subpart. Transfer rack includes the associated pumps, meters, shutoff valves, relief valves, and other piping and valves.


40 CFR § 63.2550

Scoping language

For an affected source complying with the requirements in subpart SS of this part 63, the terms used in this subpart and in subpart SS of this part 63 have the meaning given them in 63.981, except as specified in 63.2450(k)(2) and (m), 63.2470(c)(2), 63.2475(b), and paragraph (i) of this section.

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